Forward in Faith Online Giving Tool

Suggested Sacrificial Giving Plans:

Sacrificial PledgeInitial PaymentAnnual PaymentMonthly PaymentDaily Sacrifice
$50,000/5 Year$5,000$9,000$750$25.00
$25,000/5 Year$2,500$4,500$375$12.00
$12,000/5 Year$1,200$2,160$180$6.00
$6,000/5 Year$600$1,080$90$3.00
$6,000/3 Year$600$1,800$150$5.00
$3,000/3 Year$300$900$75$2.50

Gift reminders will be provided by mail based upon your selected payment preferences. If you prefer not to receive pledge reminders, please contact the Campaign Office at 727-341-6846 or

Appreciated Stock/Planned Gifts: For gifts of appreciated securities or to discuss other gift planning vehicles, please contact Debbie Moore, Campaign Coordinator, at 727-341-6846 or